Industrial Switchgears And Panels

We are a renowned manufacturers of a wide range of high efficiency Industrial Switchgear. These cables are appreciated for their ability to withstand large voltage fluctuation and durability. Sourced from chosen few trusted names, these products have all the necessary certifications.

Metering Panel With Load Break Switches

We are providing high quality Metering Panel With Load Break Switches to our valuable clients. LBS RMU consists 2LBS with Earth Switch & different numbers of LBS with HRC fuses as outgoing.

Load Break Switch Panel
L B S Panel
L B S Panel
Metering & Switching Panel

Vacuum Circuit Breaker

We are involved in providing highest level of Vacuum Circuit Breaker which has automatically-operated electrical switch that hepls us in protecting electrical circuit which may be damaged due to overload or short circuit. Besides these fuse used in this operates once and then replaced when a circuit breaker is either reset (either manually or automatically) to resume its normal operation.

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panel
Vacuum Circuit Lineup Panel
Vacuum Circuit Breaker Main Unit